What’s EAR CANDY? It’s words that sound as yummy to the ear as candy tastes to the mouth. Some people might call them poetic devices. I think the term ear candy is easier for kids to understand. Watch the video for specific examples of ear candy and to see my “ear candy” ears (maybe you could try making your own “ear candy” ears to teach this lesson to your students =).

One kind of ear candy is ALLITERATION, when beginning sounds repeat, such as: Sammy Snake slithered slimily. ONOMATOPOEIA or sound words are another kind of ear candy: crash, bang, boom, hush.  A bit trickier kind of ear candy is ASSONANCE, also called vowel rhyme: The cows chow out loud (with a repeating /ow/ sound). RHYME would also be considered ear candy. CONSONANCE would be too–that’s when consonants repeat, but they don’t have to just be at the beginning of words, as is the case with alliteration.

When teaching students about ear candy, they should READ ear candy first. Have them find lots of example in books and poems they read. See the organizers below where students can write down ear candy that they READ, and then they can try WRITING some of their own ear candy.

In the COMMENT section below, join the ear candy CONVERSATION by writing examples of ear candy from books/poems or share ones that your students write.



highfalutin fidgeting, fiddling, fuddling, and foopling (from School Picture Day by Plourde/Wickstrom)
snooping black bear sniffs and snorts the tent, snuffling for treats (from At One: In a Place Called Maine by Plourde/Mansmann)


Rah-rah-rah-sis-boom-BAAAAAA! (from The Blizzard Wizard by Plourde/Aardema)
Boing-a-droing-a-droooooooooop. (from Grandpappy Snippy Snappies by Plourde/Santoro)


Examples of ASSONANCE:
Plumpy, lumpy, pulpy pumpkins. (from Wild Child by Plourde/Couch)
Eeny meeny miney mup. So much stuff, I might give up. (from Teacher Appreciation Day by Plourde/Wickstrom)

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