Illustrations © John Aardema

The Blizzard Wizard

by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by John Aardema Down East Books, 2010

"No snow?" sighed the kids one early winter day.
"No snow," said the Blizzard Wizard. "I can't find my snow spell. It must be here somewhere."
"But how can we make snowmen without big round balls of snow?"
"So sorry," apologized the Blizzard Wizard.
He knew a winter without snow was like a birthday cake without candles.

"Let me try to make some snow. I'm sure I can remember a few words from the spell."
The Blizzard Wizard raced outside and wildly waved his wand:

White and fluffy.
Fluffy and white.
Rah-rah-rah! Sis-boom-BAAAAAAA!

Oh my! The Blizzard Wizard's spell worked . . . sort of. White and fluffy things did fall from the sky, but not white and fluffy snow. White and fluffy SHEEP fell from the sky! The Blizzard Wizard mixed up spell after spell until he finally found his snow spell in a most unusual time and place. This book is packed full of silly spells, fun similes, and two-pages of blizzard facts at the end.


"Laugh-out-loud story. . . The cute illustrations by John Aardema are captivating and add visual excitement to the story"

"Funny children's story . . . (and) most appealing weather primer for children"
Midwest Book Review

"This cheery story is accompanied by A Blizzard of Facts (about blizzards) and will be great to accompany primary weather units or January story times"

"Children are sure to enjoy this amusing picture book with its magical mishaps and its comical outcomes. In addition to the main story, the author also provides her readers with two pages at the back of the book that are packed with blizzard facts."
Through the Looking Glass

"A forgetful wizard and a few snow spells that go all wrong make for a wonderful winter tale."
The Working Waterfront


Used with permission by:
Down East Books
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