Teaching Author

From ideas to plans to writing to revision—learn more everyday, anxious to share

So many lessons learned from year-after-year and stack-upon-stack of rejections

Copycat stories, subtraction stories, fables, character stories, graphic novel scenes, poetic stories—so many kinds of stories to teach

Word Player

Words are like toys meant to be played with

Kids' Book Author

Greatest job in the world—a magician pulling stories out of a hat, er . . . a mind

Use the Herculean power of words to move kids—make them laugh, cry, or sigh, “I’m not the only one who . . .”

School Lover

From kindergarten through
kollege =), loved learning—still do!

Plourde-WS-School Picture Lynns Class

Lynn’s second grade class with the real Mrs. Shepherd
(Lynn-front row center, saddle-shoed)

Former Cute Kid




Thousands of ideas ricocheting in one’s brain make for many a sleepless night

Lynns idea notebook

Lynn’s idea notebook overflows, just like her brain


of kids books, Maine books, author memoirs, inspirational stories, & more

Favorite book of all time:


If you want to write, you’ve gotta read, read, read, and then read some more


Acted in plays in high school & college

Ado Annie

Lynn as Ado Annie

Former Speech-Language Therapist

Plourde-WS-CLAS 1-2 Cover

Learned the golden rule of teaching: Begin where the kid is at

Opened door to writing . . .

Dog Lover

Maggie kiss 2

Maggie, the best canine kisser

still a bit of a ham2

Lynn Dino reading2

Lynn reading about the scariest dino in Dino Pets



Also walker, kayaker, gardener
Living in Maine—gotta play outside!


Home—favorite place in the world

Home sign

House in snow

Lynn’s home one April 1st—no joke!

Mainer (aka Mainiac =)


Why would anyone ever live anywhere else?